Sarah has it all: deep horticultural knowledge, a keen eye for detail and a responsible, caring, artful approach in the garden. A garden couldn’t be in better hands!
— Jennifer J.
Sarah is a true gardener at heart, and she will care for your plants as if they are her own. Her comprehensive plant knowledge and use of appropriate techniques makes her uniquely qualified for any job. From general care to an eye for design, she never fails to impress. Sarah is simultaneously professional and amiable – a true pleasure to work with!
— Amanda S.
Sarah is great! She is on time and works diligently and thoroughly, even through the rain. She does a great job every time!
— Judy S.


About Me

Hello! MY NAME IS Sarah

I remember planting a "helicopter" seed found in our backyard as a kid – it grew into a maple sapling, and the experience stuck with me. After planting my first little garden plot in my early 20s, my hobby kept growing and eventually turned into a career. I've been gardening professionally for 7 years and love working in a field that is as much an art as it is a science.


I'll always perform detailed, thorough work in your garden. I take the perspective that the long view of your garden's health is often more efficient than a quick fix. I aim to learn each client's preferences as our working relationship grows and will always offer helpful, honest communication. I consider myself a steward of our natural resources and focus on organic, sustainable garden practices.